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What is an "official school"?

Official School

Official schools are Quipper-verified organisations, that can take advantage of great benefits. Becoming an official school will allow you do the following:

Prevent students from accessing the answers to quiz questions via Quipper School Link

  • Previously, students have been known to create their own Quipper School Link account in order to gain access to the answers of an assignment. But by becoming an official school and verifying teachers, you can ensure this doesn't happen.

Collaborate with other teachers from your school

  • Because verified teachers belong to the same official school, they can view one another’s classes and work together.

Gain access to special features

  • Verified teachers from official schools will gain access to specialised course content and notifications about campaigns and other exciting Quipper School opportunities!

How to join your official school

Official School

Login to your QLink account. Upon logging in, you’ll see one of the following pop-ups:

Pop-up 1:


1. Click “Search your school”

2. Enter school name and select your school


If you can’t find your school by clicking “Division,” just leave the field blank and type your school name.

3. Merge your account with the official school


Now all you have to do is wait for verification from your school.

If your school doesn't appear on the list, click “Can’t find your school?” to apply for verification.

Pop-up 2:


This means you’re waiting for verification from teachers in this school. There are three ways to get verified:

1) Enter the school code when prompted. If you don't yet have the school code, contact your school administrator.

2) Get verified by other teachers from your school

3) Contact Quipper

If you don’t see any pop-up or campaign information, contact Quipper.