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How can I send a message?


Sending messages to individual students is a great way to give them an extra push or help them out with specific questions they might have.

Sending messages

Step 1. Click Messages on the left bar of a class.

Step 2. Click New message.

Step 3. Enter the name of the student(s) in the Select recipient(s)... bar.

Step 4. Enter your message text in the Write a message... box.

Step 5. Click Send.


How can I send announcements?


It's easy to send announcements to entire classes or groups of students.

Sending announcements

Step 1. Click Messages on the left bar.

Step 2. Click the Announcements tab at the top of the message box.

Step. 3 Click New announcement


Step 4. Click the Send announcement to drop-down and class or groups you would like to contact.

Step 5. Enter your announcement title and text.


Step 6. Click Send.