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A student has forgotten their access code.

Lost or Forgotten Information

You can view a class's access code at any time by clicking the Manage tab. All you need to do is share it with those students again. If a student already belongs to one of your classes, you can even send it as a message through Quipper School!


A student has forgotten their username or password.

Lost or Forgotten Information

Restoring student username/password

Step 1. Click Manage to see a list of students.

Step 2. Hover your mouse over a student name. Click on the gear icon that appears.

You now have two options:

  • Edit class membership - change the profile name, username, and password
  • Remove student from class


I've forgotten my password.

Lost or Forgotten Information

If you've forgotten your password, don't worry, resetting it is simple.

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Click Forgotten your password

Step 3. Enter your email address and hit Send.


Step 4. Follow the instructions in your password reset email.

I haven't received a password reset email.

Lost or Forgotten Information

Something's not quite right.

First, let's confirm that you have entered the correct email address. Just try resetting your password with the same email address one more time.

If you can't remember the email you signed up with, just contact one of the friendly Quipper School team members at We'll help you retrieve it.