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How do I get students started with Quipper School?

Students: Getting started with Quipper School Learn

Activating students

Step 1. First, your students should visit

Step 2. Click Sign up with Facebook or Sign up

Signing up with a Quipper account

Step 3: Click Sign up with Quipper School account

Step 4: Enter basic details into the boxes provided and click Sign up

Signing up with Facebook

Step 3: Sync with Facebook and grant permissions.

After registering, all students will be prompted to input a class code. Teachers, share the 7-digit access code and ask your students to enter this. Your student will become a member of your class and receive the assignments you send.

What is a "class code"?

Students: Getting started with Quipper School Learn

A class code is a unique 7-digit combination of numbers and letters that allows students to associate their accounts with specific classes administered by their teachers.


A class code is automatically generated each time a new class is created on Quipper School Link.


Class codes can also be viewed at any time in the Manage tab of a class.


Sharing codes

Teachers just need to share class codes with their students in order for them to link up on Quipper School!



When a student creates an account on Quipper School Learn, they will be prompted to enter a class code so that they can join their first class and start learning.


Students are also able to enter their class codes when clicking Join a new class on the Quipper School Learn dashboard.


What's on the student dashboard?

Students: Getting started with Quipper School Learn

Students will see the following on their Dashboard.


  • Profile picture
  • Number of coins earned
  • Background theme, customisable by purchases in the Theme Store


  • Number of topics mastered
  • Number of questions answered
  • Number of topics to master


  • Classes they are a member of
  • Assignments for each class
  • Message notifications from teachers

Student Timeline - Peers' Activities

  • Topics mastered
  • Scores on assignments
  • Date and time of assignment attempts