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What's the difference between an assignment and an examination?


There are a few important differences between assignments and examinations.

When you set an examination:

  • Lessons are disabled.
  • Hints and explanations are disabled.
  • Students do not know whether their answer inputs are correct or incorrect.
  • Students can return to and change their answers before submitting.
  • Teachers can choose whether or not to reveal students' results after they've submitted the examination.

Sending examinations

Step 1. Open the Assignments page and click the Examinations tab.


Step 2. Click Create a new examination

Step 3. Select topics by dragging and dropping or by clicking Assign this topic.

Step 4. Click Send an examination with this (these) topic(s).

Step 5. Set a name and dates as you would with a regular Assignment and toggle on/off whether you want students to see their results after submitting.