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What should I do after I login?


After logging in, you will arrive at the Dashboard. You just need to follow three simple steps to get your students learning on Quipper School.

Step 1. Class Creation - Quipper School starts with creating a class.

If you haven’t created a class yet, click Create a class to create your first class.

Name your class and choose some courses you would like your students to focus on. Then hit Finish.

If you already have any classes, they will be visible on your Dashboard.

Step 2. Assignment Creation - The next step is to create an assignment.

Follow the instructions in the automatic assignment, or click Create an assignment. Name your assignment, then select some focus topics from the courses you chose for your class. You can select quickly topics by 'drag and drop' or by clicking 'Assign this topic'.

Step 3. Student Activation - Now you just need to activate your students.

Your unique 7-digit class code will be visible in the Manage tab. Share this with your students when they register, and they can use it to join your class.