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How can I change a class's course?

Curriculum / Content

It's easy to change the courses you set when you first created a class.

Change a class's course

Step 1: Open up the class and click Curriculum.

Step 2: Click the subject (course) name, then click Select another course or the dropdown arrow next to the current course ▼.


Step 3: Select a course group and click a new course for your class from the list.


Your class will now be updated with the new subject.


How can I preview the content?

Curriculum / Content

You can preview the educational content of courses, modules and topics at any time in the Curriculum tab.

Preview content

When inside a class:

Step 1. Click Curriculum.

Step 2. Click module names to expand and collapse modules.

Step 3. Click topic names to open topics and view a brief description.

Step 4. Click Lesson or Questions to see the detailed content that students will learn from and test themselves with.


How can I report a problem with the content?

Curriculum / Content

If you find an error in the lessons or questions, you can simply click the Found a problem with the content? button on the Lesson or Questions page.


Reporting an error

Step 1: Select where you found the error

Step 2: Provide some details of the error

Step 3: Click Send report


If this is Quipper School content, our content team will promptly work to fix the issue and let you know when it's done!

Are there any other types of questions?

Curriculum / Content

Preloaded content

Most of the questions you'll find pre-loaded onto Quipper School are in the single answer format.

For further specific information on your courses, please contact your Quipper School representative or email

Self-published content

When creating your own content on Quipper School Create, you are able to choose from five options: